Business Coaching

“Michaela’s balance of organisational skills, real world knowledge and genuine curiosity helped me to be open and confident about my dreams for my business. Her input was invaluable.”

There are many key benefits to working with an experienced business coach. These include:

  • Help to step away from everyday business minutiae and see the bigger picture
  • Freedom to discuss sensitive issues in a confidential environment
  • Access to professional problem-solving expertise
  • Professional analysis of your business’ strengths and weaknesses
  • Objective support to position your business among competitors
  • Assistance to set SMART goals, and accountability to encourage you to stick to them
  • Growth advice that’s tailored to you and your business
  • Expert support with your people issues and development needs

Green Shoots Coaching offers these benefits and more. I take a personal view of business coaching, which means that instead of focusing solely on business and sales data, I also look at you as a business owner and explore how your habits, personality and values are affecting your success and wellbeing.

Michaela Oldfield Business Coaching

I have become known for the specialist work I do with couples and family members who are in business together. Successfully maintaining both a business and a personal relationship is a unique challenge, and I have a great deal of experience with supporting people through it. This area of expertise is also relevant to other types of business partnerships, such as friends or colleagues who choose to start a company together. My unique combination of business support and practical relationship and communications advice has been greatly valued.


How your business chooses to work with Green Shoots Coaching is up to you. I offer ongoing support packages, one-off sessions and corporate workshops. I also encourage business coaching clients to consider my monthly membership programme, Taking Care of You, Taking Care of Business. Please complete our enquiry form for more information.

Taking Care Of You, Taking Care of Business

Michaela Oldfield taking care of business

Taking Care of You, Taking Care of Business is a monthly membership programme that allows business owners to have regular access to valuable coaching services. In return for one consistent monthly payment, you’ll receive an hour long coaching session every month.

Programme membership is ideal for new and established business owners who’d like access to regular support and impartial advice. When you choose to work with me on an ongoing basis, I’ll be able to facilitate continuing positive changes that will really make a difference to your business. Taking Care of You, Taking Care of Business gives you a monthly opportunity to discuss business challenges and personal roadblocks in a non-judgemental, non-competitive environment, and to regularly set achievable goals with the help of an experienced professional.

In order to get the best from the programme, I recommend that business owners commit for a minimum period of six months. However, membership is open ended with no strict tie in. You have the flexibility to take a break or end the programme whenever you feel you’re ready, or to continue working with me for as long as you wish. In return for your commitment to the programme, I’ll offer you the promise that I will add value to your business.

Please complete our enquiry form for more information.