Case Studies

Each individual’s experience with coaching is different, but it can be helpful to read about how other people have benefitted from the service.

Below you’ll find a selection of case studies that detail how I was able to empower five very different individuals to make positive changes and move forward.

Case Studies

Rachel’s Story

Rachel came to me in the early stages of setting up her business. She was unsure of how to proceed on her own, and was looking for a coach she could work with openly and creatively. Rachel was also struggling with staying on the right track, so she was keen to find someone who could help her to be more disciplined.

In our initial sessions together, I encouraged Rachel to explore the possibilities for her business. We engaged in some creative, out of the box thinking and were able to pin down a vision for what Rachel was trying to achieve. During this stage, it was important for Rachel to be as daring or ambitious as possible, as I wanted to make sure her plan for her business would reflect what she really wanted to build.

Once Rachel had a clear vision for her business, I worked with her to break that vision down into clear, achievable goals that would enable her to get started. We made sure that these goals were small enough to seem possible, but that one-by-one they would help Rachel get closer to her big dream.

As the process got underway, I continued to work with Rachel to offer her accountability, help her set realistic deadlines and offer advice on the many challenges that came up. Rachel was starting her business on her own, and I was able to act as a trusted advisor for her to discuss ideas with. During this period I helped Rachel stay positive and focused, as well as asking difficult questions when necessary.

Rachel’s big business dream is now a reality, and she says the work we did together played a vital part in making this happen.

Mark’s Story

Mark came to me when he was at a real sticking point in his career. He’d been working within the same industry for a long time and was keen to move on, but all of his applications for roles in new industries had been unsuccessful.

During our first session, I listened as Mark gave me a detailed explanation of his career history and current situation. I encouraged him to consider his short and longer term career objectives, and with that information I was able to devise a programme that would help him move towards a successful career move.

Over the sessions that followed, I led Mark through a number of exercises that were designed to identify his strengths, weaknesses, likes and dislikes. When we discussed the results, Mark admitted that it was now clear to him that many of his abilities weren’t being properly utilised or appreciated in his current role. We also were able to identify which parts of his current role he really enjoyed and thrived on, and which he found draining.

Armed with this information, we turned to Mark’s CV and began to develop it so it better reflected his skills, experience and abilities. During this stage of the process, Mark came across a new role in an industry he was interested in, and we were able to target his CV to give him the best possible chance of getting noticed by the employer.

Thanks to Mark’s new understanding of his strengths and his re-worked CV, his application was successful and he was offered the job. He is now happily settled in his new role and is able to use his skills and experience to their full potential.

Victoria’s Story

After going through a very difficult few months, Victoria was feeling negative, frustrated and unsure of where to go next. She had some personal goals in mind, including improving her relationship and making a career change, but felt that she wasn’t able to achieve them, no matter how hard she tried.

One of Victoria’s biggest problems was her low self esteem. Right away I was able to offer her some practical advice for building it up again. I recommended some books that I thought would benefit her, and also worked through a process of helping her to learn more about her personal strengths and values. Spending time looking inwardly helped Victoria to learn more about herself and therefore be clearer about what she really wanted.

Knowing what she wanted from life really helped Victoria to build her self esteem and be more confident. I was then able to work with her to set SMART goals for moving forward with her career plans and relationship aims.

Victoria has now been able to make some big decisions and has had the confidence to act on them. She has made improvements in her relationship and is now in a new work role that puts her on the career path of her choice.

Tim and Sarah’s Story

Tim and Sarah had been very happily married for twenty years when they decided to start a business together. They were already an excellent team in terms of raising a family, and they thought it would be easy to translate that teamwork into a business partnership.

Though things got off to a good start in their business, they found working together a bit of a shock. They soon realised that the way they communicated and made decisions at home didn’t work in the office. It was at this point they decided to get some professional support, and they came to me to help them to adjust to being business partners at work and spouses at home.

I was able to work with the couple to offer practical advice and guidance on how to separate their work relationship from their home relationship. We talked about many of the challenges that had already arisen, and others that might develop in the future. I also spent time working with the couple to help them to manage and moderate their behaviour towards each other in the office to make it more work-appropriate and ensure that their employees felt comfortable with the arrangement.

My sessions with Tim and Sarah gave them a non-judgemental space to discuss their concerns with me and with each other, and was a welcome neutral ground between their home and their office. The work we did and the systems we put in place have been really successful, and the couple are now working with each other much more effectively.