Business Coaching

Michaela’s coaching style is professional while still being natural and open. Her professionalism made me feel confident and secure that she was guiding me through a well practised process and knew exactly what she was doing. I worked with her during the early stages of setting up a new creative business. Michaela’s balance of organisational skills, real world knowledge and genuine curiosity helped me to be open and confident about my dreams for my business.

I really enjoyed the creative ‘blue sky thinking’ process that Michaela led me through at the beginning of our time together. This gave me space to open up and explore the possibilities of what I wanted to create. As I was setting up business completely by myself, I found it invaluable to have a coach to bounce ideas off and reflect with. Michaela helped me to create achievable goals that were true to the vision I had for my business. She has tremendous empathy and her positivity really helped the process along.

Rachel Wood, Yarm


I really enjoyed each business coaching session I spent with Michaela, and always felt I’d gained a lot. Whilst she remained the consummate professional throughout, she was also warm and friendly and made me feel totally comfortable and at ease.

T Bovingdon – Business Owner

Couples in Business

After 20 years of happy marriage, my husband and I started working together to set up a business. We quickly realised we needed a bit of help to make the adjustment from spouses to business partners and understand how to separate work and play. We also benefitted from guidance on how to manage and moderate our behaviour towards each other in the workplace, and how to value each other’s contribution to the business.

Michaela was not only a good impartial listening ear, she also provided clear guidance on how to develop this new working relationship. We are now working well together!

Tim and Sarah

Working with Michaela this year has given us some much needed “head space”. Running your own business and being married to your business partner has obvious challenges, but also plenty of less obvious ones. It was crucial that we worked with a coach who had a direct approach without being stifling; someone who could really get us thinking about how we worked together. Michaela has helped us to define our goals and work better in partnership.

Barclay Jones

Relationship and Divorce Coaching

After going through some very difficult experiences, including divorce, depression and unemployment, my confidence and self esteem were shattered. I didn’t really know what coaching involved, but I saw Michaela’s advertisement and decided I had nothing to lose by giving it a try. I’m very glad I did! Michaela took time to listen to me and treated me as an individual, which meant our sessions were tailored to my needs. I immediately felt comfortable discussing my problems and ambitions.

Michaela’s direct and honest approach enabled me to clarify my short-term and long-term goals, and realise that they were achievable. When I needed more specific advice, such as how to deal with particular social or family situations, Michaela was able to offer practical guidance regarding this too. I have noticed a huge increase in self esteem, and now feel able to approach the next stage of my life feeling strong, confident and positive.

SC, York

Career Coaching

I came to Michaela when I was at a crossroads in my career. I was at a low point and felt trapped in a career I’d chosen twelve years earlier – a problem I think is all too common. I wanted (and needed) to make some decisions.

Michaela is a wonderful listener and instantly makes you feel at ease. She is very caring, yet challenges your thinking when appropriate. Michaela also has a great understanding of the real world of business and the stresses that come with it.

By the end of my six sessions with Michaela, I had made some brave and long overdue decisions and had acted on them. I ultimately feel much more positive and content about my career path.

CG, York

Michaela’s positive and disarming approach encouraged me to be very open with my aspirations right from the beginning. This, in my opinion, is one of the most important characteristics a coach should have and Michaela has it in abundance.

She has been a great help in enabling me to set objectives for my work and my personal ambitions. Together we’ve rated my current level of attainment and compared it to where I need to be to get to the next level. She’s helped me to assess my skill base using some excellent tools and we’ve drawn up a plan of action that includes applying for a promotion later this year. Michaela is supportive and empathetic, but steers clients towards finding a practical solution when needed. I have found this helpful.

MH, Senior Project Manager

I turned to Michaela for support when I faced a big decision in my career. She really helped me to clarify my thinking, focus on what was important, and ensure the choice I made would be right for me. With Michaela’s help I was able to better understood my values and look for an organisation that would support these. Throughout the process, Michaela was very supportive, empathetic and operated with integrity and trust. I successfully obtained a new role, and her practical advice played a large part in this success.

R Morecroft

As part of my training to be a Performance Development Coach, I needed to experience the process as a client. I was initially impressed by Michaela’s marketing methods, then was fully won over at our initial discussion. I felt that I could talk to Michaela about anything. She is everything I want to be as a coach: warm, supportive, challenging, inquisitive, attentive and caring. I was at a crossroads in my life, and she helped me work through the process of deciding which way I wanted to go. Having made the decision to start my own business, she was generous in sharing her experiences where appropriate, and supported me through the challenges that I faced along the way. Working with Michaela has helped me change my life for the better, and it was a privilege to work with her.

Z MacDougall

Life Coaching

I can’t thank Michaela enough for her positive input and inspiration during a difficult few months. I’ve gone from feeling negative and frustrated to being more comfortable with myself and motivated to change things for the better. Through Michaela’s support and exercises, I’ve learnt much more about what inspires me and where I want to focus my energy and talents in the future. I’m happier and more settled now and feel better able to cope with whatever comes next.

VS, York

I landed on Michaela’s doorstep at a point in my life where even though I was trying hard, I just couldn’t reach my goals. My self esteem and self worth were virtually non-existent. Now, a year on, I’m working on the career path of my choice, have the confidence to make decisions and act on them and have made improvements in my personal relationships. The sessions I did with Michaela and the tools she gave me have enabled me to do these things and feel great about them. As I continue to work towards my goals I have decided to go for 3-monthly maintenance sessions, which help me stay on track.

G, York

I cannot recommend coaching sessions with Michaela enough. Before working with her, I lacked confidence, direction and felt trapped in my life. After a series of coaching sessions, my life has turned around. I’m confident in all areas of my life, clear on what I want and have taken steps to start making my dreams reality. What surprises me most is how little I knew myself. I now have a new feeling of liberation and confidence I didn’t know was possible.

Mel, Yorkshire

Michaela has a natural warmth and understanding that makes her a fantastic life coach. She passes on skills and knowledge to her clients that gives them the strength and resilience to cope with life’s up and downs. It is a complete testament to her that I only needed three sessions to get me back on track. Whether you feel you need a complete life overhaul, or just some gentle encouragement to get back on track, Michaela will be the perfect choice to help you.

LW, York