10 Signs That it’s Time to Let Go of What You Know

Comfort zones are very pleasant places to be. Of course they are: they’re filled with things we know, things we like and things we’re good at. Most of us have spent a lot of time creating these zones and it can be very hard to make the decision to step out of them. Unfortunately, not everything works for us forever. An office you loved in the past might not be right for you now. A product that’s been very popular might not always be a best-seller. A client you once worked excellently with might suddenly become a poor fit. One of the ways to ensure your business continues to grow and change is to have the confidence to let go of what you know when it stops working. Could you benefit from some advice on how to do this? I’ve shared 10 signs that it may be time to let go of what you know and move forwards.

1/ You feel totally 100% stress-free

Stress isn’t always a bad thing. A small amount can actually help us to be productive and innovate. If you feel 100% stress-free, maybe it’s time to take a risk on something new.

2/ Your clients aren’t excited about what you’re offering

Business is about providing a service that your customers will be thrilled with. No matter how much you love what you’re offering, if your clients aren’t excited about it it’s probably time to make a change.

3/ You’re bored

Boredom is a dangerous emotion. It can very quickly become frustration, dissatisfaction and even unhappiness. If you’re bored of what you know, try moving on to something you don’t.

4/ You don’t feel challenged

If running your business has become too easy, it’s likely to be time to give yourself a new challenge. Perhaps it’s time to grow your business, introduce a new service or expand your product line?

5/ It’s been a while since your last success

Think back to your last moment of success. If the last thing you can think of is well in the past, it could be time for a little innovation.

6/ Problem-solving isn’t working

If you’ve put extra effort, new ideas and different tactics into solving a problem in your business and none of it has worked, it might be time to admit defeat. Could it be time to let go of whatever it is that’s causing the problem?

7/ You’ve started to feel lazy

Laziness is often a symptom of boredom and a lack of personal challenges. If you’ve started to feel lazy: don’t beat yourself up about it. Try giving yourself something new to focus on instead.

8/ Enquiries have dropped

Is your inbox bizarrely quiet? This might be because your current marketing efforts aren’t making an impact.

9/ You’re struggling to be creative

Spending too much time in your comfort zone can sometimes lead to getting caught in a creative rut. The best way to kick start your imagination again is usually to try something new.

10/ Something just isn’t selling

You may love a certain product or service, but if it just isn’t selling it’s clear your clients don’t feel the same way. No matter how long something hasn’t been working, it can still be difficult to make the decision to let it go. This is especially tricky for solo business owners who don’t have anyone to discuss these issues with. Does this sound like you? If so, you might find this helpful: is business coaching right for small business and solopreneurs?

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