Life Coaching

“Working with Michaela has turned my life around. I’m now confident in all areas of my life, clear on what I want and have taken steps to start making my dreams reality.”

Life coaching is a very broad area that encompasses lifestyle, family relationships, our social lives, our work/life balance and more. Many individuals come to me for life coaching when they have a sense of discontentment with their lives, but aren’t sure exactly what it relates to. In these cases, I’m able to help those individuals to asses where their problem lies and take practical steps to resolve it.


The benefits of life coaching include:

  • Investing in yourself and your future
  • Help to look inwardly and understand more about who you really are
  • Support to recognise how your current lifestyle might be clashing with your personality and values
  • Assistance to make practical changes to build a lifestyle that’s more authentic to who you are
Life Coaching

Green Shoots Coaching is able to work with you to tailor a life coaching service that meets your unique needs. Many individuals who start working with me in a life coaching capacity move on to address other areas, such as their career or relationships.