How Could Coaching Benefit You?

What is coaching?

Fundamentally, coaching is a process of investing in yourself and your future. It gives you the opportunity to spend dedicated, one-on-one time with an experienced coach in order to solve problems and take positive steps towards where you want to be.

How could coaching benefit you

The process can have big benefits whether you need support within your business, your career, your lifestyle or your relationships. Coaching gives you the space to address any dissatisfactions you may have in a confidential, non-judgemental environment. As your coach, I’ll be able to help you asses problems from a new perspective, then work with you to set achievable goals for resolving them.

The Green Shoots Coaching process focuses on four key things:

  • Helping you to make practical changes that will have a real impact on your everyday life
  • Encouraging you to move forward rather than focusing on past problems
  • Supporting you to develop yourself and work to your full potential
  • Enabling you to design and live a life that’s authentic to who you are

How do you know if coaching is right for you?

Coaching can be beneficial at many different stages in your life.

It can be invaluable if you feel dissatisfied, but aren’t sure why.

It can be essential if you find yourself on the cusp of a big life change, but don’t know which direction to go in.

It can be hugely helpful if you’re a sole trader or business owner who needs a trusted professional to turn to for objective advice.

Case Studies

Many people start working with a coach at a point of crisis in their lives. However, coaching can also be an excellent preventative measure. Think of regular coaching sessions as a practical equivalent to a healthy diet: investing the time to ensure that your life or business is moving forward in a positive way could stop you from reaching that crisis point at all.

If you’d like to explore whether coaching is right for you, take the Green Shoots Coaching questionnaire Are You Ready for Coaching?