10 Things Coaching Has Given My Clients

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People choose to work with a coach for a whole range of different reasons. This makes sense, as the benefits can be extremely wide ranging. A single coach can work to support their various clients in very different ways. In fact: I consider this one of my personal strengths: identifying the type of support my clients would benefit from most.

To illustrate this, I spoke to ten of my clients and asked them what they’ve gained from their time with me. I received ten varied answers that give an excellent insight into what there is to gain from coaching.

Here’s what they had to say:

1. Headspace

“Working with Michaela has given us “headspace”. Running your own business and being married to your business partner has obvious challenges, but also some less obvious ones. It was crucial that we worked with a coach who had a direct approach without being stifling; someone who could get us thinking about how we worked together.”

2. Growth

“Michaela helped us to get the building blocks in place to manage significant growth; quadrupling our workforce in 18 months. Michaela’s initial input was to help us re-evaluate our business model, support business planning, define roles and responsibilities. Michaela then worked with the Senior Management team one on one, identifying and working through day to day challenges. Michaela’s input has now filtered through to coaching our employees and we have retained her services as we really appreciate and understand the value that she adds.”

3. Confidence

“What surprises me most is how little I knew myself. Working with Michaela has given me a new feeling of liberation and confidence I didn’t know was possible. I am now clear on what I want and have taken bigger steps to start making my dreams reality.”

4. A chance to download

“My monthly meeting with Michaela is one of the most important dates in my diary. I value the time to ‘download’ hugely. It’s a great investment of my precious time because l always go away feeling lighter and better equipped for the coming month.”

5. Reflection

Michaela is a very capable and skilled professional with excellent listening skills. In all of our meetings she has been able to probe where appropriate so that I can reflect more on certain areas. This has helped me to more quickly reach conclusions about the heart of the issue and come up with solutions that I have ownership of and can ably work on myself.”

6.  Guidance

Without Michaela’s help and guidance my business would probably still be a far off dream that I was unsure how to make a reality. The work I’ve done with Michaela has had a knock on effect in other parts of my life too, giving a much needed boost to my health and personal relationships! Thank you so much Michaela for helping me birth my dream and vision out into the world.”

7. A sounding board

“My biggest challenge as a business owner is loneliness as I don’t have anyone to bounce ideas off!  Regular sessions with Michaela more than fill that gap. It’s a bit like having a business partner but still knowing the business is very much mine.”

8. Expertise

“The area of my business I most needed help with was ‘people’! I haven’t managed staff before but Michaela has a wealth of knowledge and experience as a people manager which is of huge help and value to my business.”

9. Reduced stress levels

“Michaela has given me many explicit tips of how to handle the stresses and strains of the working environment. She is able to identify and help others manage their stress levels and I have come out of our various conversations feeling much stronger.”

10. Creative ideas

Creativity is an area I struggle with as I’m not a creative person myself. Michaela has encouraged me to think about how I do things and whether there is a better way. An example of this was suggesting that I asked my staff for direct feedback on my performance in an open team meeting. I wasn’t sure about this at first but tried it out and actually got some really good feedback both positive and developmental. This is something I would not have done if Michaela hadn’t suggested it but was instrumental in helping me build trust with my team.”

Have these answers got you thinking about what you might have to gain from coaching? If so, why not take me up on my offer of a free consultation? You can get started here.    

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