How to Avoid the End of Summer Blues

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Got that back to school feeling? We’re now officially into September which means the kids are back at school, the evenings are getting shorter and the leaves are starting to change colour. For some people this can be a time of great productivity – especially if you’re celebrating having your home-based workspace all to yourself again now term has started!

However, some of us can find this time of year tricky. It’s not uncommon to come down with a case of the end of summer blues, and this can have a detrimental effect on how effective you’re able to be in your business.

Sound familiar? There are plenty of ways to avoid the blues taking hold! If you’re feeling overly wistful about seeing the back of the summer months, it might be a good idea to keep a few of these ideas in mind.

Avoid going into hibernation with your business

When you’re feeling down, it might seen helpful to immerse yourself in the business side of things. Unfortunately, this is often counter-productive. Trying to distract yourself with work instead of addressing the problem could mean that your blues simmer away under the surface.

Get excited about what’s to come

The weather may be on the turn, but there’s a lot to be excited about come autumn and winter. You may have some big opportunities ahead, professional events and conferences to attend, or even a new goal to focus on.

Recreate the parts of summer you miss

What was it about the summer that you didn’t want to let go? Perhaps you worked at a slower pace, got more fresh air, spent more evenings chatting with loved ones, took more time off, had more time for personal and professional reflection, or worked from a different workspace. Whatever it was, there may be a way you can incorporate more of what you loved about summer into your routine year-round.

Take the opportunity to set some new targets

If you’re in a bit of a rut with your business, setting some dynamic new targets could be an excellent way to give yourself a bit of a boost. I’d recommend thinking about SMART targets and choosing something that helps to get you closer to running your ideal business.

Consider whether you might be suffering from SAD disorder

If you’re really struggling to shake the end of summer blues, it might be worth doing some research on SAD disorder. Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is a form of seasonal depression that tends to be at its worst in the colder months. If you think this may be a problem for you, I’d recommend having a chat with your GP.

Do you suffer from the end of summer blues? If so, I’d love to hear what you do to shake them off! Why not share your suggestions on the Green Shoots Coaching Facebook page?

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