What Big Business Question Are You Asking Yourself… And What Are You Doing About It?


Almost every business owner I speak to has a big business question bubbling away just beneath the surface. The question is often difficult or uncomfortable to answer, and so they leave it there, putting it off for another day. Big business questions can undoubtedly be tricky to deal with, but ignoring them will mean that you miss out on opportunities.

There are all kinds of big business question that you might be asking yourself, but almost all of them relate in some way to business growth and moving forwards. Here are a few examples of the type of ‘big question’ I hear from my clients every day:

Am I moving forward in the right direction?

Are the relationships in my business healthy?

Is there a product or service missing from my offering?

Does my website need a rebrand?

Am I working with the right sort of clients?

Could this be the time to move to new premises?

Is this the right time to take on another employee?

Should I do more training?

Would my business benefit from a new marketing plan?

Do any of these sound familiar? If so, perhaps it’s time to listen to your big business question and do something about it.

Write it down

There’s something very powerful about sitting down in front of a blank page and writing down your big business question. When you do this you may find you already have some of the answers. Try and listen to your gut feeling when you’re doing this, as that may help you to pin down what’s right for you.

Talk it out

Big business questions often seem daunting when you’re trying to answer them on your own. Talking through the question with someone you trust can be an excellent way to start to make sense of where to go next. A colleague, close friend or family member might be able to help. Alternatively, many business owners find it beneficial to talk to a professional like myself at this stage.

Make a plan

In order to start making progress with your big question, it’s vital that you make a plan for how you’re going to tackle it. Big questions usually involve big solutions, and it can be overwhelming to look at the whole solution all at once. Instead, I suggest splitting your plan into ordered stages. Then, all you’ll need to do is tackle one stage at a time.

Make yourself accountable

Once you’ve brought your big question out into the open, the last thing you’ll want is to let it slip back beneath the surface. It’s a good idea to set things in place to make sure you’re accountable to your plan. There are a few ways you could do this. Some business owners find it helpful to set clear targets for themselves, while others schedule regular meetings with a colleague or business coach to discuss progress.

If there’s a big business question you’ve been asking yourself for a while, why not take fifteen minutes today to start doing something about it? As always, I’m more than happy to chat. You can find me on Twitter and Facebook, or my direct contact details are available here.

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