Why Not Bring Playfulness Back into Your Business?

Photo by Aaron Gilson

Here’s a thought for you: business doesn’t have to be boring! Whatever the size of your personal entrepreneurial endeavour, there’s always more than enough space to have some fun.

When we think about running a business, many of us think of the formal and administrative sides. There is definitely always going to be a necessity for these as the more practical parts of business are always going to need to be done (and if there’s a way to make filing a tax return or organising paperwork joyful I certainly haven’t found it yet). However, there is a very creative side to running a business that many of us overlook.

Why is playfulness important?

Playfulness is a really useful tool that we tend to underuse. It often gets written off as something we should leave behind in childhood… but those who follow that advice could be seriously missing out.

Children use play as a tool to learn to understand the world and experiment. But play can be useful for understanding and experimentation at any age. In fact, studies have shown that play is essential for brain development and that nothing else really lights up the brain in the same way.

How could it help your business?

Introducing more playfulness into our businesses could be beneficial in a number of ways:
  • It could help us to think outside of the box
  • It could help us find the confidence to try new things
  • It could help us to better connect to our clients
  • It could help us to manage stress more effectively
  • It could help us to get more enjoyment out of what we do
  • It could help us to come up with new marketing techniques
  • It could help us to make better use of our sense of humour
  • It could help us to work through tedious tasks more efficiently

Where could you start?

The important thing to remember here is that playfulness is a relative concept. Your particular brand of play will depend totally on your personality and preferences.

For example, some business owners love engaging in role play activities during training, while others find them awkward. Some business partners might find it helpful to get out and get active by playing sports together instead of sitting down for a traditional business planning meeting. For others, playfulness may be more synonymous with encouraging their creative side and using a pad of paper and coloured pens to mind map their way to a creative solution.

If you’ve already taken steps to make your business more playful, I’d love to hear how you’ve done it. Why not share your tips with me and other readers on the Green Shoots Coaching Facebook page?

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