Don’t Give Up! Refocusing on Your 2015 Business Goals


We’re entering the second week of February which has big implications for any business goals you may have set for 2015. Many of us set these goals at the start of the year and are full of enthusiasm for them. However, as the weeks go on we tend to get less and less interested, and by now almost a third of us have given up completely.

If this sounds like you, don’t worry. There are plenty of ways that you can refocus your business goals for the year and get them back on track.

Choose one to focus on

When it comes to improving your business, it can be very tempting to set a whole list of goals. I have no doubt there are dozens of changes you’d like to make, but trying to work on them all at once is unlikely to get results. Instead, channel your energy into working on one priority. That way you’re much more likely to succeed.

Make your goal specific

The more specific your big business goal is the more likely you are to achieve it. Instead of ‘increase profit this year’ try turning your goal into ‘increase profit by X%”. Immediately you have a more concrete aim to work towards and it will be much easier to recognise when you’ve achieved it.

Break your goal down into small steps

Almost all business goals look scary when you only look at the end result. Instead, try breaking your goal up into a series of smaller steps. If your goal is to launch a new service, the steps might be carrying out market research, finalising your offerings, creating resources, building a new page on your website and publicising the new service to your mailing list. Once you’ve broken your goal down, you’ll find that it seems far less scary and far more actionable.

Find an accountability partner

One of the best ways to stay on track with a goal is to find an accountability partner to talk about it with. Choose someone you trust who is likely to understand some of the challenges involved in what you’re trying to do. This could be a friend, a fellow business owner, a colleague or even a coach. The important thing is to set regular time aside to talk about how you’re working towards your goal and how it’s going.

The start of the year is a natural time for us to set goals, but it doesn’t have to be the only time. Whenever you choose to start work on a new business goal, these tips will help you stay on track.

Good luck!

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