Four Ways You’re Sabotaging Your Business

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I’m lucky enough to have worked with many small business owners. Though every case is unique, I come across some issues again and again. One of those issues is self-sabotage.

This sounds dramatic, I know, and at first glance you may think it doesn’t apply to you. You’re passionate about your business and want it to succeed: why would you be actively sabotaging it? The thing is, many of us are doing it without realising.

Below I’ve laid out four bad business habits that seem fairly harmless. Unfortunately, if you’re falling foul of any of these on a regular basis, it’s likely to be having a long-term impact on your business.


We all do this occasionally. It can be very easy to find yourself putting off a big or tricky task by focusing on smaller, less important ones. However, if you’re a serial procrastinator it’s likely to be having a big affect on your business. The more time you spend on unimportant busy work, the less time you have to spend on the key tasks that are earning you money and helping you grow. If you were able to get your procrastination under control and jump right into handling your biggest tasks, how much more do you think you’d be able to get done?


No business is perfect and there are always issues that need to be addressed. Maybe for you it’s deciding which direction you are going to grow your business in, addressing a weak area in your service provision or getting your expenses under control. Whatever your business’ issues are, it’s a bad idea to avoid dealing with them! The longer you put your issues off, the bigger they’re likely to become.


Being in business can be scary. Us business owners have to put ourselves ‘out there’ a lot of the time, and those of us who suffer with a lack of confidence can find this difficult. However, if you are giving into under-confidence and failing to put yourself forward for opportunities; you are causing your business to miss out.


One of the great things about owning your own business is the flexibility. However, if you’re being too flexible this could become an issue. Successful business people know what they want and work on moving towards it, one step at a time. If you regularly change your mind about your goals, it’s going to be very difficult for you to achieve them. It might seem frightening to commit to what you want from your business: but the sooner you do it the sooner you’ll be able to start enjoying the rewards.

Sabotaging your business is a lot easier than you might think, and most of us don’t even realise when we’re doing it! Whether your business is being held back by one of these bad habits or by another one entirely, recognising the problem is the first step to being able to solve it.

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