The Lightbulb Moment


There are a lot of things that I love about being a coach. My clients are often on a journey, whether that’s to a more satisfying life or a better business. I feel very privileged to be able to be a part of that journey, especially as I’m often able to facilitate the understanding that makes it happen.

At the end of each client session I want to know that I’ve helped them get a little bit closer to where they need to be. When I first started coaching I started to use these lightbulb moments as an indicator that we were moving in the right direction.

A lightbulb moment is what I call a significant moment of realisation. It’s the point when a client says or hears something that makes them stop, think, and reevaluate.

It could be realising…

… that you don’t like the way you’re living

… that there’s something you really want

… that your personal feelings have been colouring the way you act towards others

… that you’re really great at something

… that you’re not as good at something as you thought you were

… that you’re unintentionally sabotaging yourself

… that you’re working towards the wrong goal

… that your dreams are achievable

… that there’s a better way to do something

… that you’re focusing on the wrong priorities

… that you’ve overlooked something fantastic

These moments are special as they generally drive my clients to make positive changes. Sometimes a seemingly small realisation can give us the confidence to do something that will make a big difference over time: finally accepting that you haven’t got much of a head for numbers could lead you to hiring an accounts expert who will help revolutionise your business. Equally, lightbulb moments can be big and immediately life-changing: reevaluating your priorities could lead to a career change or a house move.

Either way, these realisations and the subsequent changes (big and small!) enable us to move forward and get closer to where we want to be.

Whatever the lightbulb moment, I always know when we’ve reached it. My longer term clients usually recognise their own lightbulb moments now too! Over the years this has become a bit of an in joke with clients and now they’re just as attuned to their significant realisations as I am.

I consider this a real success, not least because I’ve been able to continue to help my clients reach these lightbulb moments. And of course: I’m also always on hand to assist in turning each lightbulb moment into actionable goals for driving real change.

When was the last time you experienced a lightbulb moment? I’d love to hear about it. Why not share your story in the comments?

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