Does Your Routine Suddenly Feel Wrong?

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We’re almost a month into the Autumn term. For many of us this means we’re finally getting back into our  ‘normal’ routine after the school summer holidays.

I love school holidays. For me they offer an excellent chance to reconnect with my family and take a well-deserved restorative break. Unfortunately, school holidays can also be very disruptive to work, especially if you run your own business. By the time September rolls around, many of us working parents are keen to get back to reality!

Over the past few weeks I’ve spoken to a number of people who feel they haven’t slipped quite as comfortably back into routine as they were expecting. For whatever reason things haven’t clicked into place and the routines they were looking forward to returning to suddenly don’t feel right.

If this sounds familiar, it might be time for some serious personal reflection. Is there a simple reason why your routine isn’t quite working? Or could it be time for a change? There are a whole handful of reasons why things can feel uncomfortable at this time of year.

For some of us it’s because we’ve got caught up in the ‘back to school’ spirit. There’s a lovely sense of ‘newness’ to autumn, but if you’re no longer satisfied with your career or your business, that could lead to frustration.

Equally, if you’ve taken an extended break over the summer to spend time with your children or to go on holiday, returning to routine could make you more likely to see something you’ve been ignoring for a while.

Some people have a different problem: for them the summer months have been so taken up with constant parenting duties they’ve had no time for personal reflection. Once the children have returned to school and you have time on your own again, it can be an opportunity to focus on yourself and your own needs.

Whatever your reasons, if you’ve returned to your routine only to discover that it doesn’t feel quite right, it’s time to do something about it. The first step on this process is likely to be setting some time aside for some productive deep thinking. In order to make changes and make things right, you’re going to need to be able to identify exactly what it is that isn’t working for you anymore.

You could try asking yourself some of the following questions.

  • Are you unhappy in your current job?
  • Are you thinking about a new business idea?
  • Is your work environment not working for you anymore?
  • Does your business need some new investment?
  • Is it time to look for a promotion?
  • Are you missing out on an opportunity to grow your business?
  • Could the time be right to downsize?
  • Would you be happier with a different career focus?
  • Is it time to let go of aspects of your business that aren’t working?
  • Could you benefit from some more support in your business?
  • Are you bored of your routine?
  • Do you still love what you do?

Whatever your discoveries, it’s not too late to soak up the ‘back to school’ feeling and have a new start this autumn. Even a few small changes could help to make your routine feel more natural and your career or business more fulfilling.

If you’d like to explore more about this, I’m here to talk. Why not take advantage of my free initial consultation?

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