Do You Have a Supportive Network? Here’s Why You Could Still Benefit from a Business Coach

Photo by Quinn Dombrowski

If you’ve never looked into business coaching before now, you might have a few misconceptions about what it is and who it’s for. You may think it’s just for failing businesses, but actually the vast majority of my business clients are running flourishing ones. Equally, you may have assumed that business coaches are only for ‘lonely’ business owners who don’t have a supportive network… but in reality this is far from the case.

Being surrounded by a supportive network is absolutely fantastic. Family members, friends and fellow business owners can all be great to have around, and many business owners find they really are a great resource when it comes to business.

This being said, even the most supportive personal and professional networks have their limitations. The main issue? Family, friends and professional contacts will almost always have a subconscious vested interest in the choices you make.

Let me give you a few examples

Your spouse may have excellent business sense… but they may subconsciously steer you away from any business direction they view as too financially risky.

Your parents may be generally very on-board with your career choice… but they may be less-than-enthusiastic about any decisions that don’t match up with their own ambitions for you. 

Your friends may be a great sounding board… but they may not be able to hide their disappointment about potential growth opportunities that involve more time spent away from home.

Your employees might be really insightful about your market… but they may find it difficult to separate any advice they offer from the desire to maintain their own professional status quo. 

Your fellow business owners might be full of knowledge and advice… but they may unknowingly be holding back on areas that represent a cross over between your business and theirs.

With all these different agendas and priorities at play, it can be really difficult to find someone who really will offer no judgement and can advise you on business matters with total impartiality.

That’s where business coaches come in

One of the top five reasons new business clients approach me is because they’re looking for a trusted advisor with no vested interest and no hidden agenda. They want to feel that they are being truly listened to, and that they can be totally honest.

Because, of course, when you talk to members of your existing supportive network you, too, are likely to be holding back. You may be wary of showing weakness, admitting disappointments or even letting them in on secret ambitions.

When you make the decision to work with a professional business coach, you can be confident that both you and your advisor are coming to the conversation without that hidden agenda. You don’t need to impress your business coach or protect them from potential problems. Instead, you can have a truly objective conversation about where you are with your business, where you want to be, and the best path to take to get there.

Does this type of supportive relationship sound like it would be useful to you? If it does, please think about getting in touch. I offer a free consultation to every potential client. Take a look at my Are You Ready for Coaching? questionnaire to get started.

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